Do not worry, little one. I am TORIEL, caretaker of the RUINS.

- Toriel

Toriel is a major returning character from Undertale who plays a minor role in Undertale Yellow. She interrupts a battle between Clover and a Froggit and attempts to guide them through the Ruins before a cave-in seperates the two.



Biologically, Toriel remains unchanged from her appearance in Undertale.

She is a Boss Monster resembling a white-furred Nubian Goat with droopy ears, short horns, visible fangs, and long eyelashes.

Her outfit in from Undertale to Undertale Yellow has been changed: she now wears a red scarf with a knot, and her robe is now a different shade of purple. The robe is still emblazoned with the Delta Rune located near her chest.


Toriel's personality is, for the most part, unchanged; she is a caring mother figure that takes pleasure in guarding the Ruins and any fallen humans. However, she still maintains her stern personality, as is seen when she scares off a nearby Froggit.

Main Story

Before the events of the game, she was married to Asgore and had a child named Asriel, and later adopted the First Human. After an incident that led to the death of both their children at the hands of humans and Asgore subsequently declaring war on humanity, she abdicated her role as the Queen of the Underground and retreated to the Ruins, sealing one of the only two doors leading to Snowdin. There, she tries to convince any fallen humans to not leave the Ruins and to live with her, in order to prevent Asgore's plan to gather seven human souls to destroy the barrier and eradicate humanity.

Neutral Route

Toriel is the second monster Clover meets in the Underground, who saves them from an encounter with a Froggit. She guides them through the Ruins and educates them on a few puzzles. However, after a puzzle malfunctions, she and Clover are forcingly separated as the floor under Clover caves in, dropping them into the Dark Ruins – a previously unexplored layer of the Ruins with no other connection to the rest of the dungeon – except for a sole gate out to Snowdin.



  • It is unknown if Toriel is aware of the existence of the Dark Ruins, or if she and Dalv know each other.

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