Sweet Corn is an enemy firstly encountered in the Corn Maze Room in the Dark Ruins, and is the third monster encounter to be found by the player.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Sweet Corn is, as the name implies, a monster greatly resembling a cross between a corn cob and a piece of candy corn. She has a perpetual smile on her face, giving her a "sweet" vibe.

Personality Edit

This monster is constantly happy, and also encourages others to be as happy as she is – to the point it's fine with the protagonist licking her as long as it makes them feel happy.

In Battle Edit

Attacks Edit

  • Three pieces of candy corn will appear to the left of the bullet board one at a time, then shoot to the right. Then, three more pieces of candy corn do the same but from the right side.
  • Tall, thin stalks of corn will shoot from the bottom of the bullet board, starting underneath your SOUL but at a delay.
  • A large corn cob will appear above the bullet board and chase the protagonist's SOUL around.

Strategy Edit

To spare this monster, just select the "Hug" act.

Flavor Text Edit

  • Sweet Corn hops up excitedly. [Encounter]
  • Sweet Corn tries to encourage you to smile. [Neutral]
  • It seems Sweet Corn can't stop twitching. [Neutral]
  • You give Sweet Corn a big hug. She briefly gets stuck to your shirt. [Hug]
  • Sweet corn is smiling contentedly. [After Hugging]
  • You lick Sweet Corn. All you can taste is sugar. [Lick]
  • You can already feel the cavities. [Encounter, with two Sweet Corns]
  • Your ears are ringing from the chatter. [Neutral, with two Sweet Corns]
  • It smells like burning candle wax. [Neutral]

Quotes Edit

  • You're doing great, Sweetie! [Neutral]
  • *squeak* *squeak* [Neutral]
  • I love hugs! [Hug]
  • You can do this! [Hug]
  • Whatever makes you happy! [Lick]
  • You're so sweet! <3 [Gift]
  • I love hugs! <3 [Hug]
  • What was that sound? [If another monster was killed]

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