Rorrim is an enemy encountered Dark Ruins, and is a scripted encounter in the room with the pillar with grafitti.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Rorrim is a mirror monster with arms and a face at the top of it. It appears very polished, clean, and happy, but will become irreparably shattered if the protagonist attacks it.

Personality Edit

Rorrim's attitude resembles that of a "magic mirror". It will praise the protagonist and give them advice in trying to appear stylish and "perfect". However, if attacked, it will assume a defeated stance, and will comment that "yellow is the new black". In a Genocide route, it appears to detect Clover's murderous intentions and will be wary from the start.

In Battle Edit

Attacks Edit

  • Mirrors are thrown from above that breaks into shards.
  • Mirror shards will appear that move in lines toward you.

Strategy Edit

To spare Rorrim, the player must select the "Smile" and "Critique" ACTs.

Flavor Text Edit

  • Rorrim encounters you! [Encounter]
  • Rorrim’s expression is blank. [Check]
  • Rorrim reflects on his current circumstances. [Neutral]
  • Rorrim is looking around. [Neutral]
  • Rorrim mimics your movements. [Neutral]
  • You are momentarily blinded by Rorrim’s dazzling shine. [Player is hurt by Rorrim's bullets]
  • You adjust your hat. Rorrim seems pleased. [Adjust]
  • You give a slight smile. Rorrim smiles back. [Smile]
  • You smile bigger. Rorrim smiles back. [Smile #2+]
  • You critique your appearance. Rorrim is very pleased. [Critique after Smile]
  • You critique your appearance. Rorrim looks annoyed. [Critique, otherwise]
  • Rorrim is looking for his next project. [Critique after Smile]

Quotes Edit

  • Like what you see? [Neutral]
  • Better check for food in your teeth. [Neutral]
  • Who’s the fairest of them all? [Neutral]
  • Lookin’ good. [Adjust]
  • It’s missing something. [Critique before Smile]
  • Smiles are never out of style. [Smile]
  • You look perfect. [Critique after Smile]
  • Yellow is the new black. [When shattered or in Genocide]

Trivia Edit

  • Rorrim's name is "mirror" spelled backwards.
  • Rorrim is the only enemy to keep their hurt sprite when attacked.

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