Penilla is one of the monsters encountered in the Dark Ruins, and was first revealed in the FIGHT demonstration video.[1] Penilla was conceptualized and drawn by NoteBlock, a music developer for Undertale Yellow.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Penilla is a small monster with a physical appearance similar to a young dinosaur. She also has a few characteristics similar to a pencil, such as the pencil tip at the back of its head and the eraser at the end of its tail. Penilla is also seen carrying a large pencil, which she attacks with.

Personality Edit

Penilla is an artist who does not get along much with the other monsters besides Sweet Corn. She spends a lot of time on her work, supposing that she needs a break.

In Battle Edit

Attacks Edit

  • Penilla creates a cross-shaped object that spins around the bullet board.
  • Penilla draws several lines across the bullet board, one at a time.

Flavor Text Edit

  • Penilla draws near! [Encounter]
  • Penilla seems to be dreading this battle. [Encounter with Flier]
  • Penilla encounters you. Sweet Corn comes out of nowhere acting excited. [Encounter with Sweet Corn]
  • A powerful lone warrior and his pencil companion encounter you! [Encounter with Crispy Scroll]
  • A sketchy character. [Check]
  • Penilla scraps her drawing and starts over. [Neutral]
  • Penilla is drawing a practice sketch of you. [Neutral]
  • Penilla signs her sketch and starts a new one. [Neutral]
  • The battlefield is covered in eraser shavings. [Neutral]
  • Penilla is packing up her art supplies for the day. [Distract]
  • Penilla rolls her eyes. [Neutral with Flier]
  • Flier attempts to model for a drawing. [Neutral with Flier]
  • Penilla frantically scraps her Flier sketch. [Kill Flier in a battle with Flier]
  • Sweet Corn makes her signature squeaky toy noise. [Neutral with Sweet Corn]
  • Penilla is overwhelmed with cuteness. [Neutral with Sweet Corn]
  • The sweet vibes vanish. [Kill Sweet Corn in a battle with Sweet Corn]
  • Crispy Scroll is talking Penilla’s ears off. [Neutral with Crispy Scroll]
  • Crispy Scroll attempts to speak another language. Penilla winces. [Neutral with Crispy Scroll]
  • Penilla tries to draw in an anime artstyle to make Crispy Scroll calm down. [Neutral with Crispy Scroll]
  • Penilla finishes her anime drawing to honor Crispy. [Kill Crispy Scroll in a battle with Crispy Scroll]

Quotes Edit

  • The artist’s life is one of solitude. [Neutral]
  • 2B or not 2B? [Neutral]
  • Gotta keep my skills sharp! [Neutral]
  • So all my work leads to this? [Neutral]
  • You’re just saying that cause you feel obligated. [Compliment]
  • I suppose I could use a break. [Distract]
  • My motivation is really dying here. [Neutral with Flier]
  • I wanted him gone but not this way! [Kill Flier in a battle with Flier]
  • Aww! How adorable! [Neutral with Sweet Corn]
  • Finally, someone to get along with! [Neutral with Sweet Corn]
  • But she was so sweet! [Kill Sweet Corn in a battle with Sweet Corn]
  • Sorry, I don't draw requests. [Neutral with Crispy Scroll]
  • Can we talk about something else? [Neutral with Crispy Scroll]
  • He didn't deserve to die! [Kill Crispy Scroll in a battle with Crispy Scroll]

Trivia Edit

  • The flavor text "Penilla draws near" is a pun on Penilla's pencil-like appearance.
  • It is likely that the "pen" part of Penilla's name is a pun on the fact that she is an artist.


  1. Undertale Yellow - FIGHT Demonstration

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