Micro Froggit is a secret enemy that can be encountered behind the rocks in the room where the feather can be found.

To get the encounter one must press the cracks that look like numbers 1-5 in order. These cracks in the walls can be found throughout the Dark Ruins. When pressing the numbered cracks in order you can hear a small croak sound, presumably Micro Froggit's.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Micro Froggit is, as the name suggests, a microscopically small frog, hence the sprite in the game being just a small square made up of one pixel.

Personality Edit

Despite its extraordinarily small size, Micro Froggit is a cheerful monster in spite of its extraordinarily low stats and high risks of being stomped. However, it takes offense when a bigger being waves at it while looking at the wrong direction.

Story Edit

Neutral Route Edit

In the dark cavern room, there is a path blocked by large piles of dirt and rocks. Throughout the Dark Ruins, there are many cracks in the walls in the shape of numbers 1 through 5, starting from Dalv's house all the way to the beginning of the Dark Ruins in a crescent order. Though no flavour text is displayed from them when interacting, if the protagonist interacts with all 5 in crescent order, the dirt-rock barrier in the aforementioned cave will be removed, with the narration stating "an ominous presence fills the Ruins".

When entering the new room, a Micro Froggit will ambush Clover. If it is spared, another Micro Froggit will encounter the first and the two will interact before bidding Clover goodbye. Within that room, there is a Golden Pear and a monster hiding from Dalv.

In Battle Edit

Attacks Edit

  • A comically oversized fly will appear in the middle of the battlefield and will chase the protagonist's SOUL through the bullet board, similar to one of Sweet Corn's attacks.
  • Several Micro Froggits will jump at your SOUL from the bottom two corners of the bullet board.

Strategy Edit

  • Micro Froggit can be spared by complimenting twice.
  • Micro Froggit can be killed with a near perfect bulls-eye shot.

Crack Locations Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Micro-Froggit is a reference to the ant-sized Froggit found in the room with the three Froggits in Undertale's Ruins.
  • Their attacks directly parody Froggit's attacks from Undertale. Instead of small flies, Micro Froggit uses one big fly and instead of one big frog they use multiple tiny frogs.

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