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You look like you could use a good story!

- Flowey in the game's trailer

Flowey is a character from Undertale that reappeared in Undertale Yellow. He takes a friendly instance on the game. His presence suggests the game takes place before or during the incident with the Amalgamates in the main game, but it is not clear if this will play a role in the story.



Flowey's appearance is unchanged in Undertale Yellow: he is a sentient golden flower with six yellow petals, a white androecium, and a green stem. He can make a variety of facial expressions, but this is not shown to its true potential within the trailer.


Flowey, unlike in Undertale, is nice to Clover and helps him, following him once he fell on the Ruins. As Clover seemingly doesn't have enough determination like Frisk, Flowey owns his save file and saves the game for Clover.



  • As the game seemingly takes place in the earlier times, Flowey, unlike how he is in Undertale, is nice to Clover and even save the game for him. It might be because, as Flowey said in the Genocide Route, he first used his powers for good, helping who he can and being nice to everyone before getting morally corrupt and starting to kill.
  • Whenever the game is saved multiple times, Flowey says different things.

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