Flier is an enemy encountered in the Dark Ruins, and is the second enemy encounter in the game.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Flier is a small humanoid creature with tiny wings and antennae, three circles in his belly, and large eyes. He maintains a neutral expression.

Personality Edit

Flier is a depressing, middle-aged monster caught in a midlife crisis, who in an attempt to be "hip," pretends to be someone he is not. Later on in his fight, he admits that what he was saying was not really him.

In Battle Edit

Attacks Edit

  • Three circles move up and down the box.
  • A bunch of Flies come in from the left and right.

Flavor Text Edit

  • Flier is giving fighting a try! [Encounter]
  • You’re overwhelmed with depressing vibes. [Encounter with two other Fliers]
  • Penilla seems to be dreading this battle. [Encounter with Penilla]
  • Flier feels nothing. [Check]
  • Flier uses hip slang like the kids. [Neutral]
  • Flier doesn’t think the position ‘enemy’ fits him. [Neutral]
  • Flier is caught up in old memories. [Neutral]
  • Everything has that new car smell with a faint whiff of bodyspray. [Neutral]
  • Flier reconsiders his choice to approach you. [Compliment]
  • Flier reconsiders his reconsiderations. [Criticize after Compliment]
  • Flier is ready to return to his regular life. [Comfort]
  • Two of the Fliers are thinking about getting girlfriends. [Neutral with two other Fliers]
  • The Fliers start talking about Politics. [Neutral with two other Fliers]
  • The Fliers are trading tips on how to be hip. [Neutral with two other Fliers]
  • The Fliers aren’t having a mid-life crisis.. They’re having an end-life crisis. [Kill one Flier in a battle with two other Fliers]
  • Penilla rolls her eyes. [Neutral with Penilla]
  • Flier attempts to model for a drawing. [Neutral with Penilla]
  • Flier is desperately looking for a new friend. [Kill Penilla in a battle with Penilla]

Quotes Edit

  • I’ve been working out! No big deal ;) [Neutral]
  • I’m looking to buy a boat! Know anyone selling? [Neutral]
  • I found this great new band the other day! [Neutral]
  • But I’m cool! I’m still cool! [Neutral]
  • That’s right! I knew you noticed! [Compliment]
  • You just have no sense of modern fashion trends! [Criticize]
  • I... This isn’t really me... [Comfort]
  • Hey guys, check out my new ride B) [Neutral with two other Fliers]
  • Who wants to have a cookout? [Neutral with two other Fliers]
  • Finally! Monsters that get me! [Neutral with two other Fliers]
  • That was my bro! He had goals in life! [Kill one Flier in a battle with two other Fliers]
  • Is art what the kids are into these days? [Neutral with Penilla]
  • She was my friend (I think). [Killing Penilla in a battle with Penilla]

Trivia Edit

  • It is likely that Flier's name not only comes from the fact that he can fly, but that he is trying to be "fly," which is another word for "hip."

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