Whhispers only please. Hushh Hushh!

- Decibat

Decibat is a monster that resides in the Dark Ruins, and serves as the game's first mini-boss.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Decibat is, as his name implies, a bat monster. He has four wings, two large ears, and fluff on his belly. Contrary to popular belief, the fluff is not a second mouth.

Personality Edit

This monster is very sensitive to noises, which makes him take a general disliking toward the protagonist. It is also implied that he enjoys sleep.

In Battle Edit

Attacks Edit

  • Decibat sends sound waves in either big or small sizes. The big ones disappear after leaving the board, while the small ones bounce off of the borders, changing their colour each time.
  • Small stalactites appear in a sequence at the top of the bullet board then fall in the same order.
  • He is the first monster in Undertale Yellow to use orange and blue attacks, he also gives infomation about them.

Strategy Edit

To spare Decibat, the player must either use the "Watch" ACT consecutive 4 times or annoy him until he leaves with the "Shoo" or "Talk" acts.

Flavor Text Edit

  • Decibat makes his presence known. [Encounter]
  • Missing his quiet solitude. [Check]
  • Decibat is whispering something too quiet to hear. [Neutral]
  • Decibat is not enjoying the music. [Neutral]
  • Decibat twitches his large ears. [Talk/Shoo Once]
  • Decibat is losing his patience with you. [Talk/Shoo Twice]
  • Decibat can’t hear himself think. [Talk/Shoo Three Times]
  • Decibat grinds his teeth angrily and flinches at the ruckus he caused. [Talk/Shoo Four Times]
  • Decibat flaps away to find someplace quieter. [Talk/Shoo Five Times]
  • Decibat looks slightly more at ease. [Watch Once]
  • Decibat gives you a nod of approval. [Watch Twice]
  • Decibat is enjoying the silence. [Watch Three Times]
  • Decibat is being lulled to sleep. [Watch Four Times]
  • Decibat is ready to return to sleep. [Watch Five Times]
  • Sweet Silence... [Killing Decibat]

Quotes Edit

  • Don’t move. Don’t make a sound. Hushh hushh! [First move]
  • Move in silence. Hushh Hushh! [Second move]
  • Hushh puppy! [Neutral]
  • Don’t shhy away. Hushh hushh! [Neutral]
  • Whhispers only please. Hushh hushh! [Neutral]
  • Getting too loud here! HUSHH HUSHH! [Talk/Shoo Four Times]
  • Ow ow ow! Hushh hushh HUSHH! [Talk/Shoo Five Times]
  • More quiet please... [Watch Three Times]
  • You hhear that? No? Good... [Watch Four Times]
  • Sweet silence... [Watch Five Times]

Trivia Edit

  • Decibat's name comes from the word "decibel," since his battle revolves around sound.
  • Decibat usually ends his sentences with "Hush Hush".
  • Decibat is the only enemy to use blue ("Don't move") and orange ("Move in silence") attacks.

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