Attacks Edit

Dalv's first two attacks consist of shock attacks going first only vertical then vertical and horizontal. The next attack is a semi-circle of shock balls attack. Afterward, it's a moving shock attack going up then back down. The follow-up is a spinning shock-ball attack that goes around the whole bullet board. The second to last attacks involve Dalv shooting five lightning bolts from his cape. The attacks then repeat.

Strategy Edit

To spare Dalv, he must be allowed to talk while dodging his attacks until he ceases fighting. Finally, shake his hand and spare him. However, in a Genocide Route, he can be spared without shaking his hand.

Flavor text Edit

  • Dalv musters his fighting spirit. [Encounter]
  • Just wants to be left alone. [Check]
  • Dalv doesn't notice your offer of goodwill. [Handshake before monologue is finished]
  • Dalv seems to be dreading his next attack. [Neutral]
  • Dalv does not seem to value communication. [Talk]
  • Dalv takes a break to brush off his cloak. [Neutral]
  • It appears Dalv is too focused to hear you. [Second Talk and on]
  • Dalv assumes an intimidating facade. [Neutral]
  • Dalv seems to be in conflict with his more humane side. [Neutral]
  • Dalv looks unsure of what to do. [After ninth move]
  • Dalv accepts your offer of goodwill. [Handshake after fight ends]
  • Ready to move on. [Check after handshake after fight ends]
  • Finally alone. [Check in Genocide]

Quotes Edit

Pacifist Edit

  • I don't suppose you can just get out the way you came in, could you? That would be easier for both of us. [First move]
  • Where did you come from anyway? You don't look like you're from Snowdin. You probably wouldn't even last a day in that climate. [Second move]
  • Actually... What are you? If you don't mind my asking. [Third move]
  • You don't look like one of the monsters that lives in the ruins. Besides, they know the rules of my home. [Fourth move]
  • So if you are from around here... You can't say you weren't warned. [Fifth move]
  • ... Um, really, what are you? You're kinda creeping me out... [Sixth move]
  • ... Can you at least stop giving me that sad face!? Don't you understand?! [Seventh move]
  • ... It's nothing personal! I just have to protect my home! [Eighth move]
  • What's even the point... What am I protecting it from? You look so helpless. I never should have attacked you. ... This wasn't right. ... I... need to think about what I've done... [Ninth move]
  • This got out of hand... I'm not going to fight you anymore. I've become the monster I feared everyone thought I was, huh. [Tenth move]
  • ... [Eleventh move on]
  • You want me... to... Shake your hand... Even after I attacked you? But that is... A sign of friendship... I mean... Is it the same where you come from? I don't know I... Are you asking to be my friend? Gee I'm, well, a little rusty at friendships... Don't get me wrong! I'd love to be friends! ...I mean I think... I don't really remember what that entails. I guess I'll give it a shot if you will... [Handshake after fight ends]

Genocide Edit

  • You know, it's been quieter since you showed up... I suppose I should thank you. [First move]
  • Or maybe it was just a happenstance. [Second move]
  • Everywhere I go dust keeps clinging to my cape... I'm sorry to assume but... They're dead, aren't they... [Third move]
  • I know I should thank you, and it is what I asked for... [Fourth move]
  • But I never wanted to hurt anybody. [Fifth move]
  • I can't help but think it's my fault! Maybe my wish brought you here? Maybe I just need to take a nap. When I wake up you'll probably be gone. You were probably never even here... [Sixth move]
  • ... Hey. If you aren't real... Then is all this ACTUALLY my fault? ... I miss them all now! Penilla one time drew me a sketch of a sweet corn cob... ... I never thanked her... [Seventh move]
  • One time Sweet Corn gave me a hug for no reason. ... I told her to never do it again... ... They were the closest things I ever had to friends... They're all gone... [Eighth move]
  • I... I think I believe you're real now. I know I'm tired but... I won't wake up and have you be gone... Maybe I... Just won't wake up... [Fatally hit]