Crispy Scroll is the first enemy from Undertale Yellow to be revealed, and he is found throughout the Dark Ruins as a random encounter. His encounter is also scripted to appear in the area after Decibat battle.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Crispy Scroll's appearance is, as his name suggests, a large floating scroll with annoyed-looking eyes and ribbons as arms.

Personality Edit

Crispy Scroll loves fan stuff, including headcanons, roleplaying, and manga. He is very enthusiastic about what he enjoys and likes sharing that excitement with others.

In Battle Edit

Attacks Edit

  • Canons appear on the right side of the box and start firing into the SOUL.
  • A bunch of slashes appear wherever the SOUL is.
  • Thin objects will drop from the top of the box and when they hit the ground, they fly up one more time.

Strategy Edit

To spare Crispy Scroll, use the "Transform" ACT three times, or by yelling twice.

Flavor Text Edit

  • Crispy Scroll is looking for someone to talk to. [Encounter]
  • A powerful lone warrior and his pencil companion encounter you! [Encounter with Penilla]
  • Looking for someone who can match his enthusiasm. [Check]
  • Crispy Scroll makes an obscure reference. [Neutral]
  • Crispy Scroll is talking in circles. [Neutral]
  • Crispy Scroll is trying to be cute. [Neutral]
  • Crispy Scroll is asking if it can get a picture with you. [Neutral]
  • Crispy Scroll can’t decide what genre to role play. [Neutral]
  • Crispy Scroll is 50% powered up. [Yell Once]
  • Crispy Scroll hit 100%! He has reached Super Crispy Mode 2k!! [Yell Twice]
  • Crispy Scroll can’t believe that just happened. [Transform Once]
  • You have made Crispy Scroll’s day. [Transform Twice]
  • Crispy Scroll is talking Penilla’s ears off. [Neutral with Penilla]
  • Crispy Scroll attempts to speak another language. Penilla winces. [Neutral with Penilla]
  • Penilla tries to draw in an anime artstyle to make Crispy Scroll calm down. [Neutral with Penilla]
  • Crispy Scroll now has his tragic backstory. [Kill Penilla in a battle with Penilla]

Quotes Edit

  • This isn’t even my final form! [Neutral]
  • You must be the antagonist! [Neutral]
  • It isn’t easy being this bishie! [Neutral]
  • Don’t go tsundere on me now! [Neutral]
  • Hey! I don’t judge your headcanons! [Judge]
  • Wait! Do you speak fluent reference? [Yell Once]
  • I can feel the power coursing through my ribbons! [Yell Twice]
  • Can you draw manga? [Neutral with Penilla]
  • You remind me of this one anime I saw. [Neutral with Penilla]
  • YOU BAKA- [Kill Penilla in a battle with Penilla]

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being the first proper character from the game to be revealed, Crispy Scroll is one of the later characters from the Demo to be conceived.
  • This enemy's name is a pun on Crunchyroll, an anime-broadcasting site.

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